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StartQube is a summer camp for young entrepreneurs and startups that are interested to get the full-pack, how-to knowledge about developing an idea into a business. 

StartQube consists of a developed programme that has been carefully tailor-made to cover the A-Z of developing an idea into a working business. 

During the course of the programme, the participants will have a unique opportunity to live and to interact daily with their mentors, in a non-formal manner. This will ensure maximum transfer of knowledge and advice to the participants, not only during the practical workshops but also during the entrie time spent together.

The StartQube programme is made up of multiple practical workshops and sessions that will cover evetything starting with idea validation, developing a business plan and model, market analysis, approach to customers, access to investment, etc. For more details about the content of the StartQube programme, please email us at hello@startqube.me.

StartQube 2017 is happening on August 26-31st, in a beautiful location on mountain Galichica in the untouched village Velestovo, Ohrid. It will not only bring the best startup mentors from Europe, but also a promising late summer vacation and a totally different experience: every participant and mentor is accommodated up in the mountains in a facility with full catering for the whole week! 

StartQube is targeted towards young people who are in the process of developing their startup or are willing to learn more about successfully running one and entering the world of entrepreneurship. It covers the whole A-Z process of developing an idea into a business, with a ready research, business plan and model, go-to-market strategy, marketing approach, access to investment, legal advice, and a lot more. For more details about the agenda and workshops, please contact hello@startqube.me.

Your Mentors

StartQube 2017 features some of the best European experts and mentors from the business world. 

Maria Nemenman

Cross-Industry Market Researcher

Maria is a cross-industry market researcher and an experienced digital marketing professional. After eight years of work in Israeli startups, she dedicated herself to helping entrepreneurs and companies to evaluate their strategies by providing the most accurate data on business environment, competitive landscape, and customer behavior. With the research skills gained from over 50 projects in a variety of industries, she is here to help with shaping your idea into actionable business strategy.

Matthias E. Zeitler

CEO at MarkTheGlobe, Founder at OpenStrom, Co-Founder/Owner at Coworking Bansko

Matthias spent the first half of his professional career working in technology leadership roles at leading globalization service and technology companies in various countries. He founded MarkTheGlobe to solve Global Search Engine Optimization challenges. This idea didn’t scale as big as he hoped, but turned into a steady cash flow by licensing some of the developed technology. This allows him to pursue a variety of other ventures such as co-working spaces and projects. He also founded OpenStrom, an open hardware smart meter that will soon be available on Kickstarter.

Jasna Trengoska

Co-Founder and President of STARTUP ZONE

Jasna is the Co-Founder and President of STARTUP ZONE, and co-founder of STARTUP ZONE’s two core programmes, Codefest, a programming marathon for students, and StartQube, startup summer camp. She is the Managing Director of Girls in Tech Macedonia, a branch of a global organization supporting women in tech. She is also active in many other areas, among which, she has been a part of the Peace Corps GLOW Program for 6 years (since 2008). Few years ago, she is co-founded H-Sense, her first tech startup. She has developed skills in management, communication, event organization, planning, innovation, technology and design.

William Asiama

Co-Founder and Co-President of STARTUP ZONE

With his passion for technology and innovation put in service of humanity, William has a great energy for startups and believes in youth being the vehicle that can transform the IT society in any community. He is the Co-Founder and Co-President of STARTUP ZONE, and Co-Founder of the Codefest and StartQube programmes. As Co-Founder of a successful startup H-Sense and all its umbrella events, over the course of the past 5 years he has quite a lot of hands-on experience with the ups and downs of building startups and is ready to share that with emerging startups. Besides startups and entrepreneurship, he has a wide experience as a full stack .NET developer and software engineer.

Marija Saveska

Event Coordinator at STARTUP ZONE

Marija is currently an Event Coordinator at STARTUP ZONE. Her first experiences with event organizing began during high school when she participated in MASSUM, an annual event put on by the Youth Association of Technical High Schools in Macedonia. Later on she attended a small seminar from the AISEC organization about time management and communication skills. In 2013, she represented Macedonia at the NGO seminar Civil Society Incubators in Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia, which teaches university students the power of entrepreneurs. In 2015, she joined the volunteer team of the Codefest coding marathon that brings together students from all over Macedonia to collaborate and create innovative IT solutions. She was then promoted to junior organizer for the StartQube event in Ohrid, an event to help young people with ideas create their own startup.

Our Supporters

Here is everyone that helped us to bring StartQube 2017 to you! Many thanks to all our supporters.

2016 Gallery

Check out the atmosphere at StartQube 2016 and get ready to be a part of an even more awesome event this August 2017!


We have gone ahead to answer some of your more commonly asked questions. Read on to see if your question is answered here. If not, feel free to reach out to us at hello@startqube.me.

StartQube targets all startups in general, so anyone who is forming one and finds the concept helpful is welcome to join us.

However, StartQube is not only startup-oriented, but it is designed for any young person that wants to invest in their professional development and gain some practical business knowledge from top-level experts.

No, StartQube 2017 is an invitation-only event so by applying, it means that you have requested an invitation to the event. Only after you have been invited and have completed your ticket payment, you have officially entered StartQube.

You do not need a business idea to attend StartQube. You will meet a lot of different people with different backgrounds at StartQube, which might become your potential business partners or colleagues. We are sure that your skills will fit perfectly into the whole concept of the event, and diversity always makes things more interesting!

There is no application deadline for StartQube because the event is invitation-only, so you can apply by submitting a request for an invitation. The principle of selection is based on the quality of application and the fit of the applicant into the program, but it also follows the first-come-first-serve rule. Soon after you have requested an invitation, you should expect to hear from us.

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